Living room set

  •  Sofa
  •  Chair
  •  Cocktail table
  •  End table lamp
  •  32-inch flat-screen TV with stand
  •  DVD player
  •  7-foot tree and artwork



Dining room set

  •  Dining room table with four chairs
  •  Accent tabletop plant and artwork



  •  A queen-sized bed with a headboard
  •  Dresser with mirror or chest
  •  Nightstand
  •  Lamp and artwork.
  •  Any second bedroom will have a chest instead of a dresser with mirror.


Kitchen Collection

Kitchen collection

  •  Glassware, including four rock glasses, four iced tea glasses and four wine glasses
  •  Four cups with saucers
  •  Dining sets, including four dinner plates, four salad plates and four soup bowls
  •  Two quart-sized casserole dishes with lids
  •  Colander
  •  Measuring cups and spoons
  •  Seven-piece stainless-steel cookware set
  •  Wastebasket
  •  Coffee maker
  •  Manual can opener
  •  Salt and pepper shakers
  •  Three-piece food storage set
  •  Silverware set, which includes 4 tea spoons, four soup spoons, four knives, four forks and four salad forks
  •  Four place mats and napkins
  •  Serving and preparation utensils, which include a slotted spoon, serving spoon, spatula, ladle, vegetable peeler, grater, cork puller, whisk, kitchen shears, knife set with butcher block and a bottle opener
  •  Cookie sheet
  •  Colander
  •  Cutlery tray
  •  Pitcher
  •  Non-stick frying pan
  •  Mixing bowls
  •  Two dish towels, two dish cloths and two potholders