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Commercial Investment Properties logo -- CIP Apartments and Town Homes
Commercial Investment Properties logo -- CIP Apartments and Town Homes
Commercial Investment Properties Refreshes Company Name to CIP Communities

Commercial Investment Properties Refreshes Company Name to CIP Communities, Includes Brand Identity Updates

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Commercial Investment Properties, one of the largest and most diverse property management companies in the Midwest, announces their renewed name, CIP Communities. In addition, an updated logo and brand colors launches with the refreshed name to align with the growing organization’s strategy. 

Beginning in 1938, known as Austin Reality, the then small business focused on brokerage services, insurance, and management of single-family homes. In 1965, the Schleich family purchased the company and created what was known as Commercial Investment Properties. At that time, they began managing a vast amount of commercial space and multifamily homes. As the company continued to progress towards a multifamily focus, it was apparent that a realigned brand identity was needed to better reflect the organization’s purpose and the services they offer their residents. 

“Meeting the needs of our residents and team members is a driving force in these changes,” said Autumn Hunt, director of marketing at CIP Communities. “In a digital-first world, we want to deliver the best online and brand experiences so we can continue helping people find the perfect home and career.”

CIP Communities’ steadfast dedication to community-building and resident satisfaction is reflected in the updated name and visual brand. This update further demonstrates the organization’s purpose to continue providing top-quality homes for its residents while prioritizing a sense of belonging and connection within its communities.

"Our top priority is creating thriving, vibrant communities for our residents to call home," said Dave Noecker, chief operating officer. "We believe that by putting a greater emphasis on building a sense of community, we can create an even more exceptional living experience for our residents."

If you are a business partner or have sponsorship relationships with CIP Communities, you can find the new assets and instructions for use at or by emailing [email protected]

CIP Communities is a family-owned property development and management company based in Lincoln, Nebraska. CIP Communities manages more than 39 multi-family communities — with over 7,200 apartments — in Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. Rooted firmly in customer service and value, CIP Communities focuses on providing exceptional experiences for its residents. For more information about CIP Communities, visit

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