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Sustainable Apartments and Greener Living

CIP Communities is committed to building more sustainable apartment communities without sacrificing the luxury living experience we aspire to provide. Our sustainable living initiatives are continually evaluated and expanded to include more eco-friendly features. For example, The Rowan in Eagan MN, is LEED® Gold Certified.

Many of our apartments and communities feature:

Energy Efficiency

Upgraded windows for natural lighting and energy efficiency

Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the community

Efficient appliances to reduce energy usage

Smart thermostats

Water Efficiency & Conservation

High efficiency washers use up to 40% less water

High efficiency toilets

Mulched landscape for moisture retention

Irrigation systems are designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize overspray onto hard surfaces

Landscaping features native plants and grasses that are drought tolerant and help pollinators connect and thrive

Indoor Air Quality

Common areas feature Air Scrubber Advanced by Aerus -- a state-of-the-art surface and air purification system

Entirely smoke-free communities or buildings

Low VOC emitting materials such as paint, carpet, and flooring which have fewer hazardous fumes or toxins

the bike rack in the center of the building is filled with bikes

Green Lifestyle & Wellness

Many communities are located within walking distance to local businesses, neighborhood amenities, and public transportation

Community recycling programs

Bike-friendly communities with ample storage and repair stations

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations

Well-equipped fitness center and yoga studio with on-demand fitness support a healthy lifestyle

Nearby green space and trails for outdoor exercise

Leasing office staff conducts business as paperless as possible